The Research Team


Dr. Trevor Avery, Acadia University,




Dan Fleck, Brazil Rock 33/34

Lobster Association, President


Alysa Czenze, Acadia University

MSc Candidate 2021 - 2023

Marco Turner, Acadia University

MSc Candidate 2022 - 2024


Josh Klum, Acadia University,

CO-OP Student 2022


Cole Macleod, Acadia University,

BSc Honours Student 2021-2022


Team Kraken Lab Volunteers



Community Involvement

This project will form a collaboration between captains and their crews and researchers to collect data on the offshore fishery. Through data collection and lobster tagging training, captains and crews will participate in the core areas of collecting data on their fishery. More broadly, members of Brazil Rock will engage in tag reporting to assist with mapping movement patterns. Outreach sessions will be regularly conducted to provide analysis updates, continued training, and gather feedback to improve monitoring and/or revise project focus and/or scope if alternative questions arise from that process.  

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